The perfect package to try all our fermented food & drink in one box. It will also allow you to incorporate a variety of healthy bacteria into your diet to regenerate your gut health like no other package. 


Kefir is a tart, yet creamy, fermented milk drink that we make by combining raw whole organic milk from grass-fed cows with kefir grains.


Kimchi is a spicy, yet complex, fermented vegetable based food that we make by combining napa cabbage, seasonal vegetables, celtic sea salt and korean red pepper flakes (gochuguru). 


Pickles are a bold and flavourful  fermented vegetable based food that we make by combining daikon radish, wild garlic, seasonal vegetables, celtic sea salt and onions. Fantastic accompaniment to your cheese board. 


Kombucha is a deliciously tart fermented tea that we make by combining loose leaf green tea with a culture of live bacteria + cold pressed apple juice. 

Gut Health Regeneration Package

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  • In our 6 box Gut Healh Regeneration Package for this season, you'll get:


    1 x Naked Original Kefir (250ml)

    1 x Rainbow Kimchi (260g)

    1 x Golden Kimchi (260g)

    1 x Rosehip Remedy Kombucha (250ml)

    1 x Tulsi Tonic Kombucha (250ml)

    1 x Radish Pickle (260g)




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