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Want a SCOBY to be able able to to brew your own kombucha the Korean way which just requires tea and juice from organic produce in order to produce your booch?


We've got you covered with our MEDIUM KOMBUCHA SCOBY + STARTER.


Each scoby belongs to a family of scobys which have evolved over hundreds of years to live off tea and juice without the need for sugar meaning that you can guarantee that your kombucha contains zero added sugar. 


  • Medium Kombucha Scoby weighs at least 200 grams and is the offspring of the SCOBYs which we use to make all our kombucha based drinks.


    The starter liquid is 500ml which is also what we use to make all our kombucha based drinks.


    Together they will provide an enough impetus to make your first 5 litre batch of kombucha made the korean way.  


    For best results:

    • make 4.5 litres of tea combined with juice - get creative. You are looking for a liquid here which is pleasant to drink when cooled.
    • Once liquid is cooled to between 20c and 40c, add to fermenting vessel with MEDIUM KOMBUCHA SCOBY plus all the starter.
    • Cover fermenting vessel with cheese cloth leaving air to come in but keeping everything else out.
    • Leave to ferment for 7 days at approximately 20c.
    • After 7 days, taste kombucha every day until your booch is perfect for your taste buds.  Once perfect, it's time to bottle your booch rembering to leave 500 ml of this batch to make your next batch.    

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