For our Rainbow Kimchi, we combine the fiery flavour of ginger, garlic and korean red pepper flakes (gochuguru) with the sweet flavour of rainbow carrots and pineapples in this tropical inspired kimchi.


Great straight out of the jar for an authenic kimchi expereince. But our favaourite is to incorporate with salads and an extra squeeze of lime juice to help combine the flavours. 


Kimchi is a spicy, yet complex, fermented vegetable based food that we make by combining napa cabbage, seasonal vegetables, celtic sea salt and korean red pepper flakes (gochuguru). 


A staple in Korea that is super verastile and easy to incorporate with pretty much every other food, it's a great way to incorporate a fermented food into your diet to add flavour and also get loaded up with vitamins A + B and healthy gut friendly bacteria. 


It's gluten free and suitable for vegans. 

Rainbow Kimchi

  • Spicy fermented vegetable based food combining biodynamic rainbow carrots with napa cabbage, spring onions, daikon radish, ginger, salt and gochuguru. 


    High in its nutrient potency - rich in vitamin b6, vitamin c, vitamin k, iron, and riboflavin.


    Rich in one main type of beneficial bacteria called Lactobacillus.


    Zero added sugar. The only sweetness come from the produce which has been used to make the Kimchi (5.3g fructose per 100g).




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