For this Rhubarb Mint Kombucha, we kick things off with a first ferment of filtered water, green tea, apples, kombucha culture, and NO SUGAR.


We then cold-press tens of kilos of rhubarb, mint, pineapple, and lime at our brewery in Hackney. We then add this to our kombucha tank to do a second ferment along with some hibiscus leaves. 


Ingredients: Filtered water, Green Tea*, Apples**, Kombucha Culture*, Rhubarb*, Mint*, Pineapple*, Lime*, Hibiscus*

(*certified organic)

(**certified biodynamic)

Rhubarb Mint Kombucha

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  • * Kombucha is a deliciously tart fermented tea that we make by combining loose leaf green tea with a culture of live bacteria + cold pressed apple juice. 


    ** Made with zero-added sugar and high in gut friendly bacteria. It's a great accesible drink to get started with fermented drinks. 


    *** Non-alcoholic, gluten free and suitable for vegans.


    **** Contains one billion gut friendly cultures per serving.


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