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Enough to make 2 litres of kombucha.


1. Top up jar with sweet green tea ( 4% sugar)

2. Leave to ferment at room temp for 7 days with top covered with cloth.

3. After 7 days, transfer entire contents of jar to a 2 litre container. Top up 2 litre container with sweet green tea (4% sugar).

4. Ferment 2 litre container for 7 days at room temp with top covered with cloth.

5. After 7 days pass contents of jar through a sieve, collecting the scoby pieces, and the liquid (this is the kombucha).

6. Transfer kombucha to bottles and store in fridge.

7. Transfer scoby pieces to a clean 2 litre jar. Add 200ml of the kombucha from previous batch, and either leave in fridge until ready to make new batch, or top up with sweet green tea (4% sugar) and ferment again like above for 7-10 days.

20g Raw Kombucha Scoby with 200ml of Raw Starter Liquid

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