Image by Yonghyun Lee

Upon entering Korea, I first encountered fermented food and drink. And I became obsessed. The taste was incredible. But they also had a tremendous effect on how I felt.


I first discovered fermented food and drink whilst traveling around Korea where fermentation is a way of life.


I was continually amazed how the process of fermentation transformed the taste of the raw ingredients into something that tasted incredible. But what amazed me even more was how I felt after I’d consumed them: My mind felt clearer, more focussed, more awake. And my digestion came into some kind of perfect harmony with my body. 


It was at this point that I became obsessed with the art of fermentation. And I have been that way ever since.

It inspired me to rip up my travel plans, and instead travel around Korea for six months to learn everything that I could about fermentation.


- James Vernoit (founder)


I returned to London in 2017. And then spent two years developing my own fermentation recipes with locally sourced organic ingredients and without using any sugar.


The aim was to get real fermented food back into my life which had done so much good to my gut health and to create something radically different to the fermented products that I could find in shops which either had a high sugar content, safe & boring flavour combinations, or were using mass produced conventionally farmed fruits & vegetables containing toxic pesticides.


I moved into a small commercial kitchen in Hackney in 2019 (previously I was making everything in my room in a Buddhist community). Shortly after moving into the kitchen, I sold my first products to people that I didn’t know at a Farmers' Market in Tottenham. And we have been selling at Farmers Markets ever since.

Image by Samuel Regan-Asante

Our mission as a company is to produce a range of products that totally transform gut health. We want people to start seeing how well they can feel when they start taking control of their gut health with fermented products that really work.

- James Vernoit (founder)


My sincere belief is that by consuming any of our products on a regular basis, you will feel more in balance, more at peace, and more in touch with the highest version of yourself.

- James Vernoit (founder)

I worked tirelessly to create a completely seasonal range of Kombucha, Kimchi, Kraut, Kefir & Pickles that are all raw, organic and alive (containing billions of probiotics per serving). And that are also free of sugar and use only whole organic ingredients. 


Instead of using sugar, we use the most incredible biodynamic apples* in the initial fermentation stage for all our products that need fructose to start the fermentation process.  

And instead of using extracts or concentrates, we use only real whole organic ingredients to flavour our products and to make them as rich in nutrients as possible.

The lack of sugar and the use of only whole organic ingredients are the two things that make us different to everybody else.

However, we are similar to other real fermented products in that we keep all our products raw. This means they won’t be pasteurised, filtered or had any additives added to them to make them shelf stable as this reduces the amount of healthy bacteria in the products. 


Our products were born to be alive and unique by their Mother (the cultures) and they will remain that way until they reach your gut where they can work their magic on your mind, body and soul.

* To do this, we had to slowly convert the cultures that we were using in the fermentation process to feed off the fructose in the apples rather than the sucrose in the sugar. This took 12 months. It also means that we have to adopt long fermentation times in order to achieve the desired result