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To make this incredible kefir yoghurt, which is one of only kefir yoghurt in the world to use raw whole organic milk from grass-fed cows, we do a first ferment of raw milk with loads of kefir grains. We then transfer the kefir milk to a yoghurt strainer and allow the whey in the kefir milk to drip through, which leaves the kefir milk curds  behind to scoop up as kefir yoghurt.


This produces a tart, yet creamy, and very thick fermented greek-style fermented yoghurt.


We unapolgetically make our kefir strong as this is how real kefir should taste. This isn't the weak & sweet kefir found in supermarkets that has just a few strains of probiotics in it.


Made with zero-added sugar and extremely high in friendly bacteria (with 55 different strains of probiotics). It's a fantastic yoghurt to make a step change in your gut health. 


Ingredients: Raw Whole COWS Milk From Grass Fed Cows*, Kefir Grains*, Kefir Culture*

(*certified organic)

(**certified biodynamic)


Unflavoured Raw Kefir Yoghurt

  • About: thick, tangy and satiating fermented yoghurt.


    Origin: initially discovered in the North Caucasian region, kefir has been used for hundreds of years as a way to preserve raw milk. We then undertake an additional step to the kefir by straining the kefir to remove the whey to create a much thicker version of kefir, which we call Kefir Yoghurt.  This method is then used to produce our own take on kefir and yoghurt at our production kitchen in Hackney.


    Process: Temperature controlled fermentation in glass fermenting vessels followed by an additional straining stage in a stainless steel vessel that's conducted in the fridge.  


    Spice Level: Zero.


    Sour Level: Medium.


    The Batch

    The sour and tangy taste of our kefir gets mellowed a little by taking out the whey in the straining process.  As a result, more of the creamy & buttery flavour of the raw whole milk be be tasted in this version of our kefir. This makes it a perfect accompaniment to seasonal fruits and raw honey. 


    The Kefir

    The first stage of our kefir production process is to combine raw whole milk from grass-fed cows with kefir grains and placed in a glass fermenting vessel in the dark for appoximately 24 hours at 20c. During this time, the fermenting milk liquid is agitated several times over the day by hand. 


    During this fermentation process, the lactose in the milk is broken down by the grains and transformed into lactic acid. This acts to inoculate the milk liquid and reduces the pH. 


    Once the pH  of the milk liquid reduces to the the desired level, the resulting liquid, which is the milk kefir, is seperated from the kefir grains by hand using a stainless steel sieve. The liquid is then poured over a ceramic colander lined with a yoghurt strainer placed over a stainless steel vessel. 


    This is then placed inside our fridge for 48 hours to slowly allow the whey in the kefir liquid to drop through the strainer, which leaves the thick curds of the kefir on top of the strainer. This is then scooped up and jared by hand without pasteurisation.   




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