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To make this exclusive colostrum kefir - the only colostrum kefir in the world - we ferment raw bovine colostrum with loads of kefir grains. 


This produces a creamy, rich, and thick fermented milk drink containing over 10g of protein per serving as well as growth factors & immune boosting immunoglobins.


We unapolgetically make our kefir strong as this is how real kefir should taste. This isn't the weak & sweet kefir found in supermarkets that has just a few strains of probiotics in it.


Made with zero-added sugar and extremely high in friendly bacteria (with 55 different strains of probiotics). It's a fantastic drink to make a step change in your gut health. 


Ingredients: Raw Whole Bovine Colostrum Milk From Grass Fed Cows*, Kefir Grains*, Kefir Culture*

(*certified organic)

(**certified biodynamic)

Unflavoured Raw Colostrum Kefir

  • * Our Kefir is a deliciously thick & creamy fermented drink delivering over 50 BILLION live probiotics to your gut per serving that we make by combining raw whole COWS milk from grass fed cows + kefir grains/cultures.


    ** Made with zero-added sugar and very high in gut friendly bacteria. It's a great to totally TRANSFORM your gut health in a short space of time.


    *** Non-alcoholic, gluten free and but contains DAIRY.


  • We apply a standard flat rate of £8.50 for standard delivery within 5 business days.


    We offer an expredited delivery for £15 if you need next working day delivery (orders before 2pm). 


    We offer local delivery for £5 if you live within 5km of Hackney, but please allow 5 business days for delivery. We offer free local delivery for all orders above £40 if you're local. 


    At this point, we are only able to deliver to the mainland UK. 

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